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What is life outside RIO+ROGUE look like for you?

Family is the most important thing to me…and family are not just those that you were born with but those people that you choose to surround yourself with. #tribelife . Life outside the gym is the time to slow down, do yoga & get outside for a hike and some fresh ocean air. I let my days off unfold in front of me, not making to many plans…waking up with no alarm, coffee in bed…no expectations.

What are you watching/listening to right now?

I love to watch true crime and Nature documentaries…and music, oh my…let’s just say I have a very eclectic taste from Metallica to Dolly Parton to disco and beyond!!!

What do few people know about you?

Fun fact…I played bagpipes when I was younger and Celtic music is rich in my blood!

What lifts you up about the community at the studios?

There’s nothing that lights me up more than watching clients get stronger week over week, I will push you to venture outside of that comfort zones. it’s incredible to see that look of pride on peoples faces when they gather the confidence to try things they said were impossible and they nail it!

What are your favourite classes to attend?

You can find me at either studio most days of the week…my favourite class at RIO is Heavily Meditated, the perfect blend of fiery movement and slow deep release. Switching gears to my passion, strength training, I love Rogue warriors and Hells Bells…anywhere there are kettlebells!!!

What is your life mantra?

I have a simple mantra that I try to apply to everything…”don’t over think it”