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Walk ins are always welcome, however we recommend you pre-register online as our classes do tend to fill up. Try to arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of time if it is your first time to the studio to introduce yourself to the instructor and give us a chance to identify your specific needs.

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We provide all the equipment you need including both pilates and yoga mats at no charge, but you are also welcome to bring your own. All classes are barefoot but indoor sneakers are optional if that is your preference. Clothing that is breathable and moveable.

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We keep our classes as small and intimate as possible with varying numbers depending on classes. At RIO classes are between 12-30, Rogue 15-20 and REBEL up to 24. Students can benefit from close instruction, personalization and familiarity.

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Classes are designed to challenge you in a safe and effective way. We welcome all fitness levels, and offer modifications in every class. Always go at your own pace, but be prepared to SWEAT! We suggest you read the class descriptions online so you know what class you will be walking into. RIO offers a more therapeutic and low impact style of workout, REBEL a medium intensity and ROGUE is a higher impact more strength focused training environment.

Pilates is great place to start for beginners or for rehabilitating injuries. If you are new to a class, inform the teacher of any injuries or concerns you might have and they will ensure we take extra special care of you. Feel free to send us an email inquiring about class offerings at info@rstudios.co

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Each of our locations offers free parking on site. At RIO we have parking on the side of the building as well as free parking along Maynard and Roberts st. Rogue has its own parking lot around back of the building where our entrance is located and Rebel has side street parking along Wentworth .

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We offer a 15% discount on all passes + memberships with a valid ID.

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Our studios are built with a community and personalized feel. If you do not want hands on assists particularly in our yoga and pilates classes please inform the teacher ahead of time.

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Our classes can be booked online through the schedule button and we also have our own branded app which can be found in the APP store on your phone under “R Studios” – you may need to scroll down to locate it.

[/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”What if I need to cancel or can no longer use my pass?”]

We do not offer refunds on any passes purchased. If you need to cancel your membership for any reason, we require one months notice from your next payment date. We also offer suspensions on memberships at no charge if you wish to put your membership on hold for up to three months.

All packages, workshops and speciality classes purchased are non-refundable but can be transferred to another client.

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Please arrive 15 minutes early to your first class. Please let the instructor know of any injuries, pregnancy or health conditions in advance of the class.

We love music, get ready to sweat it out to your favourite tunes. 

Our studio only accepts credit cards, we do not accept cash payments – your credit card number will be kept on file. 

R Studios is in no way responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. We have a Lost & Found bin at each studio – every month we donate any unclaimed items.



If you do not show up for a class you will be charged a $20+tax No show fee. For late cancels within the 5 hour cancellation window,  you will be charged a Late Cancel Fee of $10+tax. No exceptions.

If you are signed up on the waitlist it is your responsibility to check your email for updates on whether or not you have been added to the class. Outside of the 5 hour window you will be automatically added into class and an email will be sent out. Within the 5 hour window, you will be sent an email with an option to OPT IN to class. You must CONFIRM your spot in the class within this window in order to reserve a space. Please ensure you add our email into your contacts so emails sent do not end up in Junk Mail.

Late Arrival
Late arrival will only be welcomed into class up to 5 minutes after the beginning of class. Anyone arriving after 5 minutes will not be allowed to join class as it is disruptive to the teacher and students. It is your responsibility to ensure you check in with the teacher or you may be marked as a no show and charged the cancellation fee.

We cannot guarantee a spot and always encourage you to book ahead online.

Returns and Refunds
All packages, workshops and speciality classes purchased are non-refundable but can be transferred to another client.



Put your membership on hold

Our policy: We will place holds on accounts if the client asks and emails specific dates to our administrative account info@rstudios.co. Any holds that are placed on accounts will automatically re-activate after 3 months.



Cancel your membership

Our policy: We request 1 month in advance for termination requests and we cannot process them onto accounts that are on hold. Upon receiving your cancellation request we will email you your termination date – you must send a confirmation reply to complete the cancellation.