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Studio Policies

This is an Agreement under which you agree to become a Member of Rstudios (RStudios Inc). When you accept this Agreement you are entering into a contract with us. This Agreement sets out your rights to use our Facilities and Services and the responsibilities you have to comply with as a Member. These responsibilities, including payment of Membership Fees, do not depend on how often you use our Facilities and Services.


Each of R studios offers multiple classes a day, seven days a week. Classes can be booked up to 2-3 weeks in advance depending on your membership, and up to 30 minutes prior to class start time. In order to book the system will ask you to purchase a credit. It is important to note which of R studios locations you are booking your class for (the class will be listed as RIVAL, RIO, RHQ, or RINSE). Addresses can be found under our CONTACT page.


If you can no longer make a class please cancel your booking as soon as possible so the next client is able to get in. We have a 5-hour cancellation policy.

If your class is canceled within the allocated cancellation time, your credit will return back to your account. Within the cancellation window, however, a $10+tax late cancel fee will be applied OR for passes, a pass will be taken from your account. In the event that you do not show up and do not cancel out of the class prior to the start time, a $20+tax fee will be applied.


Purchased classes expire 6 months from time of purchase, please see specific products for more details. Purchased classes CAN be transferred from one person to another but do we not provide refunds on ANY of our class passes or memberships. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Debit is accepted in the studio.


If the class you are looking to attend is full, we encourage you to sign up for the waitlist. In order to sign up for a waitlist, you must have an available credit that will get redeemed at the time of sign-up (you will not be able to use the same credit to book another class).


If a spot opens up, you will be automatically added to the class, and will receive an email notification. No confirmation is required by the client. The standard cancellation policy will be in effect (you will need to cancel 5 hours prior to the class in order to be refunded the credit).


For the safety of both yourself and the members inside, we do NOT allow late admittance. We expect you to arrive at the studio a minimum of 5 minutes before class to ensure you are safely set up and have everything you need for class. Late arrivals are disruptive to the rest of the class and also provide safety concerns for yourself without a proper warm-up or proper setup. You will not receive a return of your credit for a late arrival. Studios open 30 minutes before class start time and close 30 minutes following the end of class. Amenities can be used on either side of these times but please respect our windows.


As a small business, we rely on content capture for promotion purposes as well as our way of engaging our communities. While we always do our best to notify members/guests of any planned content capture, we will sometimes be drawn to capture in-the-moment content to celebrate our community. As a client, you are ALWAYS welcome and encouraged to let us know if you would not like to be featured.

Please note, that we capture content for every client as they hit a milestone, but of course, you always have the right to refuse a capture, and can kindly let us know if you prefer not to be photographed.


Depending on the studio and the speed of wear and tear on certain items, we provide use of equipment such as mats, towels, and boxing gloves at a low fee. All rentals MUST be returned at the end of class, any lost or stolen items will result in a penalty fee charged to the credit card on your file. ($25 towels, $50 mat/gloves). Refusal of payment or return of items may result in termination of membership.


RStudios prides itself on the level of knowledge, education, and experienced instruction and support our teachers are able to provide. In an effort to ensure proper form and technique, sometimes instructors will offer hands-on assists to our clients. We will always do our best to communicate whether verbally or through eye contact to get approval for hands-on assists, but please do not hesitate to let us know if you prefer not to be supported in that way. It is important that you inform the instructors ahead of class of any injuries or limitations you may have that would impact your class so we can ensure we support you in the best way possible.


Rstudios is not responsible for lost or stolen items. You are welcome to bring a lock for the lockers, but we encourage you to leave your valuables at home. Please be mindful of footwear or other belongings that are common (place socks/keys inside shoes etc) as people may accidentally wear the wrong pair home.