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“R Studio's On-demand classes are great! I much prefer them to other online classes as they don't focus on looking a certain way & are about movement!! Many online classes are full of body checking & body shaming, so R Studios is very refreshing.”

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“I'm loving the live stream. Helps me feel more accountable - like I'm in a real class!”

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Travelling? Working from home? Just want to move? We’ve got you covered.

Why sweat with us On-Demand? Have your favourite classes at your fingertips to sweat at your time and pace.

Want to add a core workout before your outdoor run? We’ve got that. Only got 10 minutes but need some meditation to get grounded and refocused? We’ve got that too. Want to take the same class over and over to improve your technique or last a little longer in an interval? Yeah, we’ve got that too.
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“Both the livestream and on demand have been a lifesaver! It's challenging to get into in person classes right now and I'm loving the chance to join at home. It doesn't beat being in studio with my fav crew of instructors, but it keeps me moving and motivated.”

It’s our goal to GET YOU MOVING and help keep your mental health game strong.

“I love using it for the weekends or days I can't make a class”

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Classes range in length from 5 min to 10 min and beyond.

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