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Power of community: we have your back, do you have ours?

Come join our merry band of misfits – we can’t wait to sweat with you!

R Studios opened the doors of our first studio in December 2014. The yoga and Pilates studio was an open concept space for only 16 people that appeared similar to one’s living room, and was an ethos for breaking down the barriers of traditional practice, to make way for something more fun and accessible. 

“This space was created for the misfits, the non-conformists, the everyday person. A come-as- you-are, be who you want studio. Movement saved my life in so many different ways at different periods of my life, and I wanted to create a space that would become this same safe haven that I had relied on through so many uprooting moments of my life” – Owner, Connie McInnes.

After an initial expansion after 2 years, our walls remained still too small to contain our offerings, and in our third year, we introduced ROGUE, a raw and industrial strength training studio. The consistency of the people who showed up and understood what our community was all about led us across the bridge to tap into a new part of the city, and our “sister across the bridge” REBEL was born, which introduced our signature Rebelbox classes, a concept never before seen in Atlantic Canada.

2021 was a busy one. We propelled forward from the devastations of a global pandemic, wanting to remind our people that above all else, we would prioritize their needs, and we completed our circle of offerings by introducing RIVAL, (our spin studio) and RINSE (Hot Yoga and Pilates) and finally in early ‘22, REST “The Recovery Zone”, upstairs of Rinse, offering a sauna, cold plunge, and relaxation area.

Our goal has been to provide spaces that offer a variety of training styles for a full movement system under one membership.

Where traditional fitness spaces are all about aesthetics, that’s not how we roll. Our studios don’t have mirrors. We want you to focus on how your body feels. We want to eliminate the fear and intimidation around being judged in these kinds of spaces.

Cardio, strength, core work, and recovery,  delivered to curated soundtracks, in ways designed to set your soul on fire (as well as your muscles).

Our ethos is ‘ALL BEINGS, ALL BODIES.’ Everyone is welcome here. Especially, YOU!