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What does life outside the studio look like for you?

Life outside the studio means getting outside with friends, family and usually a few dogs! Ive got a black lab pup named Jerry, and even on those dark snowy days during the winter months you will find us hiking in the woods and as we move into spring/summer at the lakes and beaches! I’m also an avid cyclist (when the snow melts) and my bike is my main source of transportation. Biking is also a sneaky way to fit in a quick sweat between teaching or working as a server at Bar Kismet four nights a week!

What are you watching/listening to?

I love watching cooking shows- My fiancé and I love to cook! Travel shows and true crime docs…. I’m also a Netflix addict and can become addicted to mindless comedies! Music is all over the place- I’m constantly searching for new beats- so music is always a part of my life! Wether it’s a new high energy track for barre or a great beat for Pilates-music helps me through my day- and I don’t discriminate! Hip hop, pop, dance, rock, if I like the beat it can stay!

What do few people know about you?

I’m an avid canner of local fruits and veggies during the spring, summer and fall! I make a mean hot pepper jelly with a kick and my vanilla peach bourbon jam is a game changer! Keep your eyes peeled for ‘Nicolas Picolas’ at smaller local markets during the warmer months!

What lifts you up about the community at the studios?

The connections I’ve made with so many amazing people that I would never have had if Rio wasn’t a part of my life. I’ve made so many lifelong friends and watching people leave the studio feeling uplifted and stronger makes my heart grow daily! Even when I’m participating in classes the energy I feel after class carries me thru the day!

What are your fav classes to attend?

I love barre and Pilates classes of course, but mixing in strength classes like The North End Circuit and bands/towers classes (when I can) takes it to the next level- I like getting my butt kicked!

What is your life mantra?

Don’t take life too seriously- smile, laugh, cry, eat, drink and love yourself, because you deserve to be happy!

Join Nicola at the RIO location for barre and pilates classes.