Rogue Classes



The real way.

The ultimate combo of boxing, martial arts and aerobics. Intense interval work that alternates between bag and floor work in a dynamic full body effective workout. Expect offensive and defensive kickboxing sequences, body weight training, high speed intervals and a whole lotta’ sweat.

No previous boxing experience necessary. Hand wraps mandatory and can be purchased in studio.



Level up.

Alleviate some of the focus on technique and elevate the heart rate a little more. Incorporates more rounds of hits to the bag, faster pace, aerobic, intense and oh so sweaty.

No previous boxing experience necessary. Hand wraps mandatory and can be purchased in studio.



A true test of your endurance, conditioning and dynamic training. This 90-min class will take you through 30 minutes of conditioning followed by a 50-min kickboxing class. The conditioning part will vary week-to-week, but we guarantee it will be challenging and fun! Stay after class for a local brew on us!!!!




Mind over Matter.

All strength. All sweat. Incorporating metabolic conditioning, high intensity intervals, body weight and resistance work to spike your metabolism, boost your heart rate and build mental strength.



Shredded and STRONG.

Using the TRX® Suspension Trainer, your own body weight and a whole lotta’ core control, this class moves through a possible 300 exercises all with a unique variation. TRX Suspension straps add a deeper challenge that can be modified to suit various levels. Expect your traditional movements like lunges, pushups and rows, at a suspended level with a body weight component to keep you firing all class long.



Bringing out the warrior within. A circuit workout to build not only the physical, but the mental strength too. Encompass speed, strength and endurance training that uses kettlebells and body weight in a fast paced, high rep workout. Expect a challenge that takes you from a repetitive rotation of strength to cardio burnout.



We pack it in.

Action packed muscle toning workouts to ignite your spirit and metabolism. Using both TRX Suspension Trainer and a variety of kettle bell exercises, this explosive and integrative workout will get you sweaty without any high impact cardio. Expect low impact full body range of exercises, supersets, dynamic movements and a more defined body.



Put everything into it. Leave nothing out of it.

Incorporating segments from all of our classes, introducing a full complex body, cardio, strength, conditioning class that will have you moving from beginning to end. Using various pieces of equipment including medicine balls, sand bags, battle ropes, TRX Trainer, kettle bells and so much more.



Not your average weight date.

Technique, form and challenge. The kettlebell class will take you through explosive and powerful movements, activating all of your major muscles groups and providing a well rounded strength class that involves a full range of movement.



Looking to release those tight areas? Look no further!

This class will use a variety of tools to help lengthen and release those muscles you work so hard everyday. It is the perfect compliment to your strength & kickboxing program…you will leave this class feeling supple and ready to take on the week.

No previous mobility knowledge necessary we will guide you through everything.