Strength & Resistance



Set the body RIGHT.

A pilates class rooted in the foundations of movement. This class delves deeper into building from the ground up, focusing on breath, proper technique and form, and igniting each individual muscle as you connect breath to movement in this exploration of the body from head to toe.
This class will challenge you to look past the superficial layers of the body to explore deeper, understand proper movement mechanics and prepare you for other classes.

Accessible for beginners or those recovering from injury.


PILATES: FULL ON FIRE (Resistance + Strength)

Sizzle, Strengthen and BURN.
An athletic pilates class that is set to a faster pace incorporating dynamic sequences in a full body workout. Class incorporates a variety of props for increased resistance and challenge and works the body from head to toe. Expect repetition, some standing work and whole lotta’ abs.

We encourage attending a few of our BUILD YO BASE classes first to understand the foundations of our pilates method before this class.


BOOTY (Resistance)

Awaken the stems and build the butt from the bottom DOWN.

A full focus on the body beneath the hips. Work cheeks, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs and everything surrounding in a sequenced movement class that will scream, burn, tackle, and roar. Set to an upbeat playlist, class incorporates some standing sequences and some taken to the mat. Either way, you will feel sculpted, lean, lifted and TONED.


CORE-SET (Resistance)


Meet us in the middle. Abs. Obliques. Back. Glutes.
This class is all about the core region, your POWER-house. We focus on slowly building the internal fire going beyond the superficial layers of the abdominals to achieve a deeper level of strength and improve your fitness and awareness for all other classes.

Important for balance, spine health, pelvic muscles and overall strength.
*not recommended if you are in your third trimester*


BOOTY FUSION (Resistance)

en-FUSED with butt

Our fusion ride with less yoga flow to it. This class is more focused on toning lower- lots of lunges, chair squats, holds and well, happiness brought to you by booty fusion.


SCULPT (Strength+Resistance)

Strong is sexy.

Shift gears to focus on the upper half. Scapular movement and stability, arm work, obliques and oh so many abs! Save the legs, this class is all about sculpting and shaping the shoulders, arms and midsection. Bet you feel stronger by tomorrow.


BARRE: BURN (Resistance+Cardio)

Not your neighbourhood bar.

Sculpt and tone the body from head to toe in this perfect blend of pilates, dance and movement. A graceful, dynamic and fun workout curated to a carefully selected playlist that will leave you feeling invigorated and elongated. Barre classes are done mostly standing, incorporates an overload of delicious leg work, abs and upper body.

All levels.

ABS,ARMS, ASS (Resistance+Strength)


Full body, butt toning, arm burning, core sculpting pilates inspired class. Head to toe, low impact, light resistance. We use a variety of props for a deeper engagement that reminds you it doesn’t take heavy weights to get a full body burnin’ workout.

TOWER CONTROL (Resistance)

Mindful, deep and full body AWARENESS.

This lower intensity, low impact tower class will focus on allowing the springs to tone you while creating longer, leaner, smoothly sculpted muscles. Get introduced to the towers in a steady and oh so sculpting way. Think slow, strong, and full body. Class is done mostly standing with no jumping or high impact movement.

Open to all levels and done using the wall spring resistance towers. We recommend this class before taking TOWER IMPACT.

Class is  done using our spring resistance wall towers.

SWEAT ‘N’ SLAY (Strength+Recovery)

A sweaty, playful and strong gift is brought to you by this yoga class. A power yoga class built on strong holds, builds and double the core. Our playlists are fun, uplifting and carry a beat so you feel swept away mentally to keep you focused physically.


ROCK ‘N’ BREATH YOGA (Strength+Recovery)

“To rock out is to let go, to feel free, to be moved.”

A power flow yoga class that focuses on the beat guiding the breath. Music plays a key role in these classes, hosting current and fun hip hop/rap beats that will invigorate, inspire and make you feel free. A little faster, a lot of flow. A vacation from your mind. A rhythm so great you’ll forget where you are.

HIIT + FLOW YOGA (Strength)

This class will bring the perfect balance of strength & length to your body. It will keep your heart rate up for an entire 60 minutes. Leave you feeling stronger and relaxed.




TOWER IMPACT (Cardio + Resistance)

Full body, FULL ON.

A heart pumping, full body, strength, pilates and HIIT combo class providing you the ultimate in sequencing of upper body, lower body, core and cardio.

Class is done using spring towers. Expect some higher impact, higher intensity cardio movements. We recommend taking TOWER CONTROL classes prior to our IMPACT class.
Not recommended for those working with series lower body/knee or back issues.



Let’s move and let your sh*t go.

The cardio class that will lengthen, strengthen and ground you as we move through standing and floor work laughing and toning all the way. Feel powerful and fiery as you leave this class that intertwines bursts of cardio impact with grounding, strong movements.

This is a cardio based class that incorporates some jumping movements and some floor work. Prepare to sweat and leave feeling energized. Better than your caffeinated bev.






Fluid and flowy, this is your new Sunday morning ritual and the perfect way to start your day.

Weaving feel good, low impact, lengthening movements designed to wake you up, increase flexibility and range of motion. Work through squats, lunges, and other vigorous movements layered with continuous and expansive movement. This class will leave you feeling lengthened, stretched and strengthened!


Looking for the class to release those tight areas? Look no further!

This class will use a variety of tools to help lengthen and release those muscles you work so hard everyday. It is the perfect compliment to your strength & kickboxing program…you will leave this class feeling supple and ready to take on the week.

No previous mobility knowledge necessary we will guide you through everything.


Grounded in Breath.

Start slow, get strong, and fuel mind, body and SOUL. A slower moving, foundational and strategically built yoga class that will allow you to soften and slow it all down.



Ready to release? Let’s get you grounded, slowed down, and stretched the F out. Shift from active to passive in this full body release, holding deep stretch postured. This class will increase flexibility, mobility, range of motion and mental stamina and is perfect for the one that needs to soothe their muscles or relax their mind.


Craving that hustle and flow but with time for a deep stretch at the end to settle you down.
Playful sequences, breath linked to movement, time to sink into it all. This flow style yoga class will leave you feeling cracked open and ready for whatever the rest of your day holds!


The stress melter, mind soother and body relaxer your body longs for. Unwind from your day with deepening restorative postures. Melt into the sensations of your body as we apply hot stones to release toxins + tension, offer hands on adjustments + massage and apply custom essential oil blends. This class is done exclusively on the ground, minimal movement and simmers in each posture for an extended time. A class fit for the spa, don’t come ready to move.