Strength & Resistance


REBEL BOXNBURN (Strength+Cardio)

HIT hard.  Burn harder.

Explosive rounds of endurance cardio boxing meets strength training. Get ready to break barriers and remould what you thought possible. Test the limits in this journey that takes you through both of our hard hitting rooms and into a full body burnout.

POWER (Strength)

REBEL POWER is our ultimate strength class – Using heavier weights to build lean muscle mass, boost your metabolism, improve bone density and connective tissue health.
Class can be modified and adjusted but a perfect class to get a strong, powerful full body workout.

TIGHT N TONE (Resistance)

Our low impact, resistance class. This is our athletic pilates full body class that will work to strengthen core, improve posture and balance, and tone and sculpt you head to toe.

We use a variety of props to keep your muscles engaged and working all the way through.

ASSTASTIC (Resistance)

Fantasstic. And for the butt.

A pilates and strength inspired class that works the lower half of the body. Sculpt inner and outer thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and core in this class that will have your legs shaking and screaming.

FUSION (Strength+Resistance)

Our fusion of pilates reps & yoga flow. This class is more focused on toning the whole body, long holds and a releasing flow.and overall body composition.



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The class you’ll love to hate.

Plyometrics and High intensity interval training are used for the ultimate cardio class that will push your limits physically and mentally.

Cardio improves your heart health and the efficiency of your circulatory system. It creates endurance, heightens a caloric burn and strengthens bone density.


REBEL BOX (Cardio+Strength)

Fightclub meets Nightclub.

The REBEL BOX experience brings a boxing inspired fitness class under the lights and into the ring. A heart racing fast paced and fun boxing style class combining simple boxing bag moves with high intensity cardio and strength training. Motivation, music and our unique atmosphere brings a workout that leaves you feeling like a champion both physically and mentally! No boxing experience is necessary in our classes.

Hand-wraps are mandatory and can be purchased at REBEL.

SWEAT N BUILD (Cardio+Resistance)

A perfect combo of our higher intensity cardio pilates class paired with mellow floor work that will dial you back into the breath and ground you down.

Expect some standing invigorating impact movements and strong floor work, lots of core, and the perfect wind down to leave you strong and satisfied.


Live your Jane Fonda Dreams in this full on Retro-Themed Step Class.

45 minutes of minutes of high energy step choreography infused with strength routines so you feel the burn all over.





This is our signature yoga class in Dartmouth. A taste of everything you need to complement your stronger movement classes, incorporating breath, release, movement, and flow.


Pairing the Fight + flow – opposites to create balance. Finding you nirvana and a sweet mental state, this class will take you through a combination of powerful flows and punches to find a sweetness between the struggle.

*Gloves and wraps required for boxing portion