Rebel Classes



Fightclub meets Nightclub.

The REBEL BOX experience brings a boxing inspired fitness class under the lights and into the ring. A heart racing fast paced and fun boxing style class combining simple boxing bag moves with high intensity cardio and strength training. Motivation, music and our unique atmosphere brings a workout that leaves you feeling like a champion both physically and mentally! No boxing experience is necessary in our classes.

Hand-wraps are mandatory and can be purchased at REBEL.



Strike and Stretch

Balance? Hard to find, we know it. So we bring it to you in one 75 minute chance. You’ll either fire or flow to start and reap the benefits of when cardio meets chill. 30 minutes on the bags and 30 minutes flowing to cool music and stretchy sequences.



Burn hard. HIIT harder.

Explosive rounds of endurance cardio boxing meets strength training. Get ready to break barriers and remould what you thought possible. Test the limits in this journey that takes you through both of our hard hitting rooms and into a full body burnout.





Dirty, Not Dry.
Get in, work, get out. A cardio based burst class combining short rounds of bodyweight and small equipment strength work into a full body burnout. What doesn’t kill you makes your stronger.



Strong on Repeat.

High to low. Low to High. This is a strength based class that will cut and define the body using weights and resistance bands. Lower impact with higher repetitions and a variety of equipment for a burnout at every angle to tone, strengthen and sculpt you. This class incorporates both standing and floor work with a core round or two to keep you centered.





Fantasstic. And for the butt.

A pilates and strength inspired class that works the lower half of the body. Sculpt inner and outer thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and core in this class that will have your legs shaking and screaming.




Full body, butt toning, arm burning, core sculpting pilates inspired class. Head to toe, low impact, light resistance. We use a variety of props for a deeper engagement that reminds you it doesn’t take heavy weights to get a full body burnin’ workout.



A journey through it all.

An all access pass to the world of core domination, pilates toning and yoga flows and breath. We give it all to you in this powerful class incorporating various props to add challenge, rhythm to create flow and upper, lower and middle body toning. Vigorous yet playful. A whole lotta fun.



Functional and Restoring.

Your body needs some TLC. Take this saving grace yoga class to release and restore for the perfect balance to the stronger, sweatier classes.