What is this program?

It is a personalized one on one session in your choice of: strength training, pilates, yoga, boxing, or kickboxing with our fully certified instructors. Our team is focused on assessing movement patterns and identifying how to work with you to build a program that empowers you to crush your personal goals!

Sessions purchased can be used for multiple disciplines and packages do not have to be used solely with one trainer… you can experience the best of all we have to offer in a private setting.

  • Finesse your skills
  • We will assess your movement patterns.
  • Identify how to work with you.
  • Build a program that empowers you to crush your personal goals.

** We also offer group training and corporate groups training.

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Based on a minium of 5 sessions

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Nikki – Yoga
Nicola – Pilates

Bayleigh- Personal Training
Jody – Personal Training

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Erin – Personal Training

Chloe- Cardio Boxing

Ryan – Kickboxing
Chris – Kickboxing

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