Sonny W

About This Project

“I know you’re tired, keep pushing anyway!”

My Sweat Life: You’ll find me in various group fitness classes, side by side with my clients, pushing myself as hard as I can and setting a good example. Of course my favorite class is Muay Thai Kickboxing, but I also love “hard-style” Kettlebell classes and the great variety in bootcamp circuits.

What gets me out of bed: I have two career paths (my IT & cloud services business, and my fitness business), and I love both of them. Both are challenging and are changing all the time. I strive to be relevant and successful at both. However, my real passion is bringing kickboxing to the everyday gym-goer. Allowing clients to learn a great skill, relieve stress, improve confidence and have fun, all while getting a great total body workout that will test their limits.”

What to expect from my class: I bring a lot of intensity, especially to my kickboxing classes. I want clients to really feel (even though I scale it down a bit) what it is like to train like a fighter, without the intimidation factor they’d experience by going to a fighters’ gym. So I expect clients to give me some of that intensity back by pushing their limits and learning.

My fitness journey: I grew up as a boxer in a very small mining village in Cape Breton called Reserve Mines. I was only 5 or 6 years old when my Dad started teaching me how to box and defend myself. I was a successful amateur boxer in my early teens, and later in life trained many years in MMA (mixed martial arts) with a primary focus on Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ). So I would say that my instructing style is very influenced by that background, and it’s where my intensity comes from. But outside of class I hope my clients see a completely different side of me.”

Where to find me: When I’m not working at my IT business you’ll find me hanging at the gym, either teaching a class or participating in one. That’s what I’d consider to be my “hangout”. It’s where my social circle is built and grown. And this is exactly what I love about Halifax. It’s a relatively small city, a tight-knit community. I love growing that community.”