Shannon Matheson

About This Project

My Sweat Life:
I like to constantly switch it up, otherwise I get bored! Pilates for toning and strength, spin/biking for cardio, HIIT and PIIT workouts. PIIT in this case has two meanings for me, Pilates Intensity Interval training but I also like to do hill workouts at the green space in the North End called the PIT.

What gets me out of bed:
I have this desire to want to experience as much as I can while I’m in this life while still maintaining some balance. SO, mornings are my JAM because you get to start a fresh day and make positive, creative and energizing decisions right from the start. My hope is that this rubs off on others around me.

What to expect from my classes:
A little of this, a little of that. I try to keep the music and sequences fresh (to death). I take an athletic approach so I tend to default to a higher energy style of class but when I slow it down, still expect to feel the buuuuurrn.

My fitness journey:
Former varsity basketball player and triathlete – ALL things sports throughout most of my life. Eventually I needed something that offered less impact but still gave me strength and toning. This is when I fell in love with Pilates so much so that I took the RIO Method Pilates teacher training.

Where you can find me:
I tend to stick between the North end and downtown core since this is where I work, live and play. When I’m not working out or teaching I’m not super predictable in where you’ll find me – it can be anywhere from networking events, the cottage in Cape Breton, bbq’s to the PIT for clam games ( it’s not what you think….it’s my husbands baseball team but funny enough also a pilates move). Go figure!