Samara O

About This Project

“we’re living our best lives”

My Sweat Life: Trekking through the woods with friends, doing barre, yoga, and pilates in the studio, or the occasional run.

What gets me out of bed: My enthusiasm for breakfast and early mornings.

What to expect from my classes: It’s all about the music! A balance of structured routines and freedom in discovering how you can connect to your body through movement. I want everyone to let go of the idea that they “cant dance”.

My fitness journey: I started competitively dancing at a young age and taught modern and jazz classes in University. Barre has motivated me to get back into choreography and incorporate more modern and hip hop influence into my class.

Where you can find me: I love the small town feel of Halifax and all the places to explore close by. You can find me by a lake or around the north end probably talking about food.