Livia Peyton

About This Project

“Live simply. Dream big. Be grateful. Give love. Laugh lots.” – Paulo Coelho

My sweat life: Hiking, yoga, kickboxing, dancing (mostly in my living room) and kayaking. I am addicted to body movement and need to get out and sweat most days of the week. I love the way exercise energizes you and elevates the soul. I also love the feeling of the sun on my face, the breeze on my arms and the taste of salt in the air that comes with living by the ocean. It never gets old.

What gets you out of bed: My dog Chiquita and the amazing people in my life who give and receive love so openly.

What to expect from my classes: I hope anyone who comes to my classes, whether it be a restorative or active practice, enjoys the time to be with their bodies and minds, time away from a busy schedule, time for just experiencing the here and now, that present moment. What a wonderful gift to give ourselves: Time to hangout with the person we know best: Ourselves.

My fitness journey: I haven’t always been active. In elementary school I was grounded outside and could be found sitting in a tree; reading in a book or daydreaming. In high school I joined the rugby team and started scuba diving. In university I gave up my car and started walking and rollerblading everywhere. Each year I seemed to incorporate more and more active interests into my lifestyle: hiking, Hapkido, Muay Thai, kayaking, dancing and yoga. Yoga was a long and luxurious journey, seeping into the fabric of my being, year by year until it became a way of life and a part of my heart. As a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, I hope to keep learning, growing and challenging myself.

Where you can find me: In my free time, I’m almost always outdoors, either hiking, kayaking or building furniture. In my day job, I’m a teacher and am fortunate enough to learn from 10-12 year olds every day.