Liseanne M

About This Project

“Always feeling fantastic”

My Sweat Life: I am a yogi, I love to move and wiggle and find whats tight and breath into it. But….. When it comes to sweating there is nothing like a killer barre class or heading to spin/co to sweat out the stress.

What gets me out of the bed: My 3 dogs, if you don’t know where I am you can bet its some where with them. We hike, swim and go every where together, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What to Expect from my Class:
I love a chill vibe when I teach, no matter what class I am running. I like the lights low, the music smooth and the atmosphere soft. You can always expect a class will be challenging wether that means dealing with the thoughts in your head, or the limits in your body. I love motivating people to push it and let go.

My Fitness Journey:
I am trained in Tantric yoga (not what your thinking), its a balance of all that encompasses yoga. Its not just moving, but feeling and knowing why you’re moving. I love exploring the mind body connection. I also took my Pilates teacher training at RIO last year, more knowledge is always better when your moving bodies, and it was a privilege to learn from Connie and Erika. I am influenced by all types of movement; dance really makes me feel free and I try to give people space in class to find out where they need to be.

Where you can find me:
At RIO or Pramana, the 2 yoga studios I work at, or you can find me with my dogs and partner hiking or finding adventures. I love dinner parties and wine dates with friends. I am a huge travel bug and have friends and family abroad that I try to visit often.