Haley Maas

About This Project

“The energy is always there – we’re either tapped into it or not.”

My Sweat Life: Yoga and hiking for sure. Yoga to untangle all the little knots in my body while strengthening at the same time – hiking for fresh air and a new perspective.

What gets me out of the bed: The promise of a new day, new beginning…also fresh coffee and dancing.

What to Expect from my Class: As a guide I do my best to encourage everyone to get curious about their body, and what they need that day. Sometimes it’s extra movement in a pose – feeling it out, all the little spaces…other times it’s complete stillness and deep breathing. Either way we’ll move through some intensity while shedding the seriousness of it all 😉

My Fitness Journey: I am a 450hr Certified Yoga Teacher and loving it. It’s my goal to keep learning to help serve any and all who come to class! I love learning about the energetics of our bodies and how to get clear, while processing all our ‘stuff’. I’m passionate about healing our bodies through the creative power of yoga + music 🙂

Where you can find me: Honestly, probably in the forest somewhere getting lost with friends or reading in a cozy place. I love to read. I also love to eat good food so I’m always trying out new restaurants in the city. If you know of any good ones – let me know!