RStudio LiveStream Classes

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Live. Interactive.
Join the Riot.

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All access pass to strength training, pilates, boxing, barre, yoga and more.

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1. Signup through our website or app

Our virtual schedule is available on Zingfit through our website or the app. You can sign up for any classes with an active membership, current class pass or by purchasing any of our new LIVESTREAM class pass options. Once you purchase a pass, head into our schedule to select a class of your choice.

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2. Connect with ZOOM

Make sure you have ZOOM downloaded as this is where the classes will take place. You can use ZOOM on your phone or computer/tablet.


3. Check email 10 mins before the class

Up to 10 minutes before the class you will be sent a LINK for the class to the email you have on file in ZINGFIT. Please check your PROMOTIONS or JUNK/SPAM as it may have ended up in there. It is a good idea to add to your Email Contact List to ensure these links come through.


4. No link? Get in touch!

If for some reason you don’t see the link please email us at


5. Mute your mic

Once you’re in, make sure your mic is muted for the class but please send a smile and a wave and feel free to kick around after class to connect and chat with your fellow sweat’ers. Click on the top corner of the instructors image to make them the majority of your screen.

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Finally, we encourage you to use the chat room to say hello, and thank you for taking a chance on this new method of movement!

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Thank you for joining our online classes, this is all new to us as we navigate the new normal so please bear with us. We will do our best to help support the glitches along the way and feel free to reach us anytime through We will be readily available before classes to make sure you get signed in!