First Visit


You will notice many unique aspects to our studio. We are an open concept studio, so you will not be greeted by a front desk but rather come on in, meet the instructor and make yourself at home. 


We keep our class sizes small and intimate so we can focus on YOU. Please keep us aware of any injuries or limitation you may have when you arrive to class so we can suggest proper modifications to keep you safe.


We always suggest booking ahead as some classes do tend to fill up. If a class is full, you will be added to a waitlist – please make sure you sign up to receive email notifications so you can be notified if you have been added to a class.


We have two locations both located in the north end (with a third one on the way in downtown Dartmouth!) Your membership allows you to access all locations. You will notice the names of classes list which location your class is held at “ROGUE” is located at 6331 Lady Hammond Rd (around back of the building) and “RIO” is located at 5781 Charles St on the ground floor.

Choosing your First Class

If you are recovering from an injury or at a beginner level, we recommend you start with one of our foundational classes such as RIO Method Pilates, or Tower Reform (uses a wall apparatus). These classes will introduce the basics of movement which can be applied to any of our other classes.

If you are looking for something relaxing and easy going, start with one of our restorative yoga classes such as SOS or Stretch in Stillness.

If you want to dive right into a workout and are ready to build strength, we suggest the North End Circuit classes as these can be modified from beginner to advanced.

All of our other classes can be modified to any level, and our classes are labelled on MindBody as “Soft, Medium, Hard” depending on your mood for the day.


Our class schedule and class diversity has been designed in such a way to keep you challenged, yet injury free. We highly recommend mixing up your routine to incorporate all elements of our offerings, from core strength to restorative yoga.


We are all about building a family here and encourage you to introduce yourself to others in class. Community is EVERYTHING to us and what makes our studio so special. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with events and other social gatherings we have to keep you connected out of class as well.

Important to Note:

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts. If you need to sign in or create an account, please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early.

We provide mats and equipment, so you can bring your own or leave it at home.

Don’t forget a water bottle. We have some “just in case” you forget, but encourage clients to bring their own.

Wear stretchy, breathable clothing, and all of our classes are shoe-free.