Our very own Pilates method. A modern, strengthening pilates class set apart with its diverse and dynamic sequences and flow of movement.Work the whole body in this class matching breath to rhythm and set to an upbeat and killer playlist.

There are two levels of our Method Class
Method: A more foundational movement class that focuses on technique and form. Great for beginners, people looking to advance their practice or infuse deeper body awareness and anyone working with injuries or limitations.
Remix: A faster, more dynamic class that will get your heart rate moving and also using an extensive variety of props to deeper enhance the moves.


High energy blend of pilates + dance created by us for us that is graceful, dynamic and oh so fun! Get your hips shaking and your legs burning as we strengthen, tighten and tone head to toe. A carefully selected playlsit that will leave you feeling invigorated. Class is done mostly standing with added core and upper body strengthening.

Suitable for all levels.


our famous ass class focusing on the lower half. Works cheeks, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs in a sequenced movement class that will scream, burn, tackle, and roar.

All levels Pilates class using a variety of props.


Short, sweet and oh so SWEATY.
This shot of joe features high intensity pilates interval training. Combine various movements that help to burn, strengthen, sculpt, and improve posture.
This is a circuit style class that includes cardio infused with body weight training.

All levels pilates cardio class that elevates the heart right while burning head to toe.


Abs, Abs, Abs.
Rock the midline in this core focused workout targeting all elements of the midsection, back and glutes.
Important for balance, spine health, pelvic muscles and overall strength. Go beyond the superficial layers of the abdominals to achieve a deeper level of strength and improve your fitness and awareness for all other classes.

All levels core class.